Turing Vision V1.10 Release Note

Mobile app updates

The mobile app now supports 2 x 2 live camera views in landscape mode.

To zoom in or out in single-channel mode, use two fingers to spread or pinch the camera’s live video view.

Web app updates

  1. The Event tab has been renamed Search.
  2. People > Employee has been renamed to People > Named.

    1. Based on user feedback, this change was made for situations where known people are not employees.
    2. The CSV import function for People has been removed.
  3. License Plate Recognition (LPR)

    1. Starting from this release, an admin or user can search for a license plate, or view detected license plates during events. For example, a user can search for “31” to find all vehicle events detected with “31” in a license plate.

    2. A user can also choose View License Snapshot to view the high resolution still image if the license plate is blurry in the event video.

    3. Note: When a license plate is unclear in the video file, it will not be searchable/detected in Turing Vision. The user can still search by vehicle color, make, or body type to find events related to that vehicle. In addition, vehicle license plates captured in events predating this release are NOT searchable/detected retroactively.
  4. Making it easy to find events related to a vehicle or a person

    1. Vehicle detection: Previously, if there were a vehicle in an event, regardless of whether or not the vehicle was in the detection region, the vehicle’s attribute and license plate is searched if the video quality is clear. To reduce noises outside of the detection areas, in this release, the attributes of vehicles outside the vehicle detection areas set for the camera will be excluded from search and detection.
    2. People detection: To make it easy for users to find a person in events, a Detected Faces strip was added on the Search result page in Search > People. The detected faces auto-adjust its list based on the camera filter setting.

    3. Attributes detection: For any event with a person detection or a vehicle detection, the event detail page displays the detected faces, or the detected vehicle attributes, depending on the type of events.

    4. Vehicle make filter: In order to make searches more efficient, the VEHICLE MAKE filter now shows only the common vehicle makes in the United States.

Mobile and Web app updates

  1. Listing all the devices by sites

    On the web and mobile applications, this 1.10 Release adds a new tab under Settings, called Devices. Devices lists all your devices, including Bridges, NVR, and cameras, which are now organized by sites. When a Bridge or NVR is selected, the pop-up window shows its firmware version, the number of connected cameras, and other basic information. When Cameras are selected, the Bridge and the NVR they are connected to are shown, as well as a list of connected cameras. This feature is supported by the Bridge version 1.0.3 or higher.

    Mobile app views

    Web app views

  2. Camera name two-way sync

    In the past, the camera names on the NVR and the Turing Vision were independent. When the names of one were edited, the change was not reflected on the other. With this 1.10 Release, whether the camera name is changed from the NVR or from the Turing Vision, the change is reflected across the board and stays sync’d with the NVR, the Web,and the Mobile applications. The feature is supported by the Bridge version 0.9.0 or higher.

Browser support

This 1.10 Release of Turing Vision is supported by the latest version of Google Chrome browsers on Windows and Mac and is also compatible to be used with Microsoft Edge browsers on Windows.


  1. On the Web app, be sure to clear the cache for the Turing Vision website. Not refreshing the cache may result in 404 errors.
  2. Site attribute is added to People. The site manager has access to view and manage named/unnamed people detected to the site(s).
  3. Delete a site with no devices, site managers, or video histories associated with it. This keeps the site list neat.
  4. Allow playback of a recording when a camera is offline.

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