Turing Vision V1.08 Release Note


  • Reduced latency in starting camera live streams and playing a recording. (the rest of this item is Internal communication only) HLS player is replaced with a WebRTC player.

  • A user can search for a vehicle event by color, make and body type in Vehicle Events. For example, I can find events with any white car detected in a specific camera or all cameras. This feature is not yet available in Intrusion events.

    Note: Search and recognition of license plates will be available at a later release. Due to that license plates are typically far from a camera, a long lens camera will be required to have high accuracy of LPR.

  • A user can find and view the events captured by a camera by going to Live > select a camera > filters. Search by a detected face, employee name, employee ID, intrusion types (people or vehicle), or vehicle attributes.

  • When playing back a recording, a user can easily discover People or Vehicle intrusion events marked on a recording’s timeline.

    Note: Only intrusion events are marked on timeline. Non-intrusion events will be available on a recording timeline at a later release.

  • A user can playback the video clip when a person, vehicle or intrusion event was captured by going to Events or Alerts. Previously an event can be viewed as a still snapshot only.

  • Event video clip 30 day cloud storage. For all the event video clips we detected, they’ll be stored in the cloud automatically for 30 days. As of right now, there is no storage limit to this offer. This is great for customers since they can easily go back to see previous events within 30 days. No need to manually save them, nor worry about the video clips are gone.

  • A user (site manager) must accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to activating an account.

  • Updated the visual of the forgot password page to align with the latest Turing Vision brand color.

  • A user can change his or her password by going to the Profile page. Previously a user would need to change a password through Forgot Password.

  • Users (Site managers) no longer have access to modify the Analytics settings (turn on/off People Search).

  • Improved the loading performance of Events list by implementing virtual render.


  • Reduced latency in starting camera live streams. (the rest of this item is Internal communication only) HLS player is replaced with a WebRTC player.

  • Show the alerts on the playback timeline so that the user can quickly navigate to the corresponding alert and play the recording.

    Note: Only people and vehicle intrusion events are marked on timeline.

  • As a user, I will receive a pop up notification via mobile when an alert happens.

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