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Boost your Safety and Security Operations in Larsen Bay, Alaska with Turing AI, the Leader in Cloud Video Surveillance

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Next Level Video Surveillance for
Larsen Bay, Alaska

AI, Cloud, and Extended Warranty

Turing AI's People Analytics offers better safety and security in Larsen Bay, Alaska through using facial recognition, people detection, vehicle detection, license plate detection, and intrusion detection. These functionalities can create person of interest and vehicle of interest alerts & notifications.


Smart alerts
in real-time


Find events
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Share clips


Compatible with
most cameras


OTA (over-the-air)


3, 5, and 10 year
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Next level
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All Larsen Bay Businesses and Industries can Benefit from
Turing AI’s Cloud Video Surveillance


Deter and resolve crime quickly through monitoring your Larsen Bay’s businesses from any location at any time.


Gain important insights on your customer behaviors and deter crime at your Larsen Bay’s store.

Real Estate

Keep your Larsen Bay’s multi-family residents safe with a video security system that limits liabilities, offers business insights, and prioritizes safety and security.


Prioritize the safety and security of Larsen Bay's students faculty, and campus visitors. Advanced AI features provide proactive alerts & smart search so security personnel can prevent threats or rapidly respond to events.


Offer Larsen Bay with a video surveillance system that is much more powerful, echonomical, and scalable to the neighborhood.

Commercial Buildings

Simplify your security workflow, quickly react and resolve cases, and view security footage from one central platform at any Larsen Bay structure.


Make Larsen Bay clients really feel safe when spending hanging out on your property to obtain a safe and secure track record.


Larsen Bay businesses can use remote tracking, keep up with industry policies, and prevent inventory loss.


Monitor limited areas and make sure the best patient security and care at any Larsen Bay location.


Boost Larsen Bay branch efficiency and security with industry leading video surveillance

Case Studies

Turing AI is the leading cloud-based video security solutions provider in Larsen Bay, Alaska leveraging award-winning AI. Turing AI's products have become key assets for managing security operations at leading schools, hospitals, businesses, airports, banks, hotels, restaurants and properties.


Case Study
Northeast School District

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Case Study
InSite Property Group

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Search the Past - See the Present

with an AI-Powered Video Surveillance System in Larsen Bay, Alaska

Turing Vision's smart video search enables you to search by Face Search, Person Attribute Search, and Person History in Larsen Bay, Alaska. using these search functionalities allows you to rapidly and accurately search for vital events and streamline your security operations in your Larsen Bay located business.

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Power in Your Hands

Multi Site Remote Monitoring thru Your Mobile Device

In Larsen Bay, Alaska view all live camera feeds from one centralized platform. Through people detection, vehicle detection, and intrusion detection quickly find and share event clips through smart search. Lastly, safely access the platform from anywhere through your mobile device.